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Antifog film

Self-adhesive anti-fog film 24.5 x 35 cm


Delays the fogging of the visor and side windows considerably



Dust-free environment

Clean the surface meticulously

It has protective film on both sides, lift off both protective films at one corner (e.g. with adhesive tape) so that it is less fiddly later.

Do not produce any fingerprints on the adhesive side.

Spray the surface with soapy water (a little washing-up liquid on a lot of water)

Peel off the protective film on the adhesive side and also spray on

Put on the foil, from the center outwards (Attention sticks immediately like hell)

Use a squeegee (credit card) to rub out the water from the center outwards. Press hard for a good bond. Avoid water inclusions. But they go away after a few weeks in a dry environment.

Cut off any protrusions with the utility knife

Remove the protective film on the anti-fog side.


The film cannot withstand a lot of compressive or tensile stress due to subsequent bending of the composite of visor and film (e.g. with the Milan visor) and can then produce wrinkles. Glue curved panes in the curved state.


The film is washable, but should not be cleaned mechanically. So avoid rubbing with a cloth.


Removing is bad because it holds quite well and leaves residues that go away with gasoline.

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