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Brake lever with brake light switch and parking button

Brake lever with brake light switch and parking button

SKU: 87149490

Brake light and parking brake on a tank-steered velomobile? Without tinkering? Yes of course it works!


1 pair of solid aluminum 4-finger brake levers.

Each with a brake light switch and parking button.

Cable length 1.0m each

the park button has 2 detent positions, so it works even with slightly worn or loosely adjusted brakes.

Clamps reliably on 7/8" and 22mm steering arm diameters

For brake cables with the usual barrel nipple


It's the slimmer, lighter one  Version, not the motorcycle brake levers with mirror thread which are significantly larger and heavier.


Unfortunately, the cable adjustment is useless, so I sell a 3D printed brake sleeve stopper made of aluminum separately for insertion. For standard 5mm brake housings  without additional end cap.


Mounting variants:


1. Brake light switch and parking brake on both sides, so you can get out on very steep passages and the brake light also works when braking on one side.


2. Brake light switch only on the left, parking brake only on the right, then the brake light will not light up when parking. Good if you don't have a main switch or if you're forgetful. The switch and parking button can each be removed.


Weight with/without cable 147/117g per piece.


Instructions for assembly in the Alpha 7

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