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da blech

da blech

SKU: 82041100

(Price is per pair)


Titanium tool at its finest. Custom designed for velomobiles.


17.8g the pair. Every gram a tool:

  • 2x 15mm hex for Alpha thru axles
  • 2x SW13 (nuts of the McPhreson strut at the dome)
  • 1x SW11 (hold the Igus joint head on the steering struts)
  • 2x SW10 (tighten the M6 nuts on the steering stuts, drive 3/8 " hexagon or square drive of sockets)
  • 1x SW8 (counterhold traditional angle joints, yes it is thin enough)
  • 1x SW7 (M4 nuts as they appear on Milans in all places)
  • 1x SW5.5 (M3 nuts e.g. on visors)
  • 2x 5mm hexagon as a handle for the extra long rear wheel Allen key
  • 2x 1/4 "hexagon as a handle for bits of all kinds. Due to the slight angular offset, the bit can be jammed so that it does not fall out.
  • 1x spoke wrench 3.2mm
  • Counter hold 1x 0.9x2.2mm slot for knife spokes (e.g. Sapim)
  • 1x 4.2mm (tighten Sclavrand valve inserts)
  • And if necessary, they also work as two rustic tire levers, of course they are cleanly deburred.
  • and the proof that it will open beer bottles is still pending.


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