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da boot 2nd life

da boot 2nd life

SKU: 87149490

Update: now CNC milled from tempered steel and very smooth surface and nickel-plated for low friction on the excenter.


"Brake shoes" with 2mm more sole thickness to compensate for pad wear on Sturmey Archer drum brakes. With the help of these brake shoes, the pads can be given a complete second life.


Advantages: worn pads brake more pleasantly than new ones, every pad that is used relieves the tense delivery situation and it is also eco-friendly.


Assembly: Press the pads apart with the excenter and clamp the M6x30 or M5x30 cylinder head screw between them. Turn back the excenter. Take the opportunity to clean the eccentric shaft and add very little grease to it. Remove old shoes (they get stuck easily), install new ones. Relieve the screw using the excenter, take it out and carefully turn the excenter back. Be careful fingers, the return spring is strong and merciless.


Price is for two pairs, i.e. for two brakes, i.e. one velomobile.


Weight 16g per set

    €36.00 Regular Price
    €30.00Sale Price
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