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da cannon femto + Milan

da cannon femto + Milan

SKU: 85121000

This is where it all started. Small, slim, bright light cannon for my Milan. It is now the third version. Perfectly designed with integrated electronic constant current supply.


Light cannon in super mini format, front white, rear red with very bright LEDs. Water resistant. Suitable as position light for velomobile. In terms of brightness, it can replace the normal (bicycle) rear light, but has no STVO or other approval. The brightness at the front and rear is optimal for operation at night, i.e. clearly visible, but not excessively dazzling.


This version has been specially developed for the Milan SL and GT velomobile types. It also fits well on hoods from the Quest or the alien hood from the Quadrovelo . With a 14mm long wing and 0 ° inclination of the foot, it fits perfectly on the highest (and thus horizontal) point of the hood.


Power supply (on-board battery, etc.) not included.

Housing: polyamide

New: Housing made additive "+", two M4 threaded rods for fastening (twist-proof), no separate circuit board, knurled nuts for easier assembly, longer connection cable (2.5m)



Length: 70mm

Diameter: 7mm

Diameter of the light emmiting surface: 5mm

Lower edge of the light emmiting surface: 14mm above the body

Connection thread: 2x M4x10mm, 17.5mm center-to-center distance, knurled nuts included

Connection cable: 2.5m

Weight including connection cable: 20g

Input voltage range: 6… 24VDC, reverse polarity protected

Overvoltage protection: no, max. 24V

Undervoltage safe: yes, but then also lights up darker, below 5.5V no longer at all

Power requirement: approx. 95mA at 7.4V, decreases with higher input voltage

Power requirement: approx. 0.7W

The brightness is always the same within the input voltage range.


White LED:

Luminous flux (calculated): 21lm

Beam angle: 80 °

Luminous intensity: 14cd

Color: cool white


Red LED:

Luminous flux (calculated): 26lm

Beam angle: 80 °

Luminous intensity: 18cd

Dominant wavelength: n / a


The angle of radiation means the viewing angle with the greatest brightness. The lamp is still visible from all directions, i.e. 360 °.


The LEDs are not pulsed and are therefore absolutely flicker-free.

More information on this:


Installation instructions: here


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