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da hanga

da hanga

SKU: 87149990

Reinforced rear derailleur hanger for current Milans with DF swing arm. Continuosly made from one piece of 5mm S420 (high-strength structural steel). Absolutely straight due to the design. Threads are made on the pillar drilling machine and are therefore also straight. Just because of the thickness and choice of material 64% stiffer and 3.3x more resistant to permanent deformation. With extended studs and extended damper mounting screw, so that washers and self-locking nuts have space and nothing digs into the carbon. Complete with screws, washers and nuts in stainless steel.


Not for people with rust phobia. The eye should be oiled or greased before installation, but rust can still build up over the years, but this does not affect the function.


Despite the greater thickness, the chain should still have approx. 1.5mm space. In order to get the distance specified by SRAM, a 1.5mm spacer must be placed under the derailleur side. A 2mm washer is installed there ex works, so it fits. Just don't lose / forget.

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