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da hose

da hose

SKU: 84142020

Classic SKS pump head for Sclaverand valves. No locking mechanism because it is self-locking. Converted to a rotatable connection so that you can get to the valve even in narrow wheel arches without a hose salad.


Weight: 45g


700mm tube, so that you can lay the VM on its side and still inflate the upper tire with the mini-pump.


Comes with a two-ear clamp to attach to pumps with nozzles for 4mm hose inside diameter (all pump hoses that I know have been like this until now).


The above example is a nice combination with a Topeak Turbo Morph G. So you have a relatively large-volume velomobile travel floor pump with pressure gauge that brings the tire to 8 bar without much patience and laboring.


The pump is of course not part of the delivery. You can find them on the "Internet".


Assembly: Loosen and remove the original hose so that the bare hose nozzle remains. Moisten the spout, push the two-ear cuff onto "da hose". Slide on "da hose" onto the spout as far as possible. Place clamp over the spout. Half-squeeze first ear with pliers, then half-squeeze the other ear. Then continue to press both sides until the hose is securely in place. Stop when the ear is completely squeezed.

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