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da juster

da juster

SKU: 87149490

Brake cable adjuster with a very long adjustment range. For Sturmey Archer brakes and VM struts with brake cable routing from below. Adjustable without tools. To adjust, loosen the upper knurled nut and adjust the cable lenghtby the lower knurled nut. Then counter the upper knurled nut against the barrel.


The adjustment range is so large that you never have to move the brake cable clamp again.


In addition, a brake cable clamp is required above, for example "da clamp".


Picture of the prototype the final version gets red anodized aluminum knurled nuts and a black hard anodized barrel for better sliding without wear in the pivot lever of the Sturmey-Archer drum brake.


If you lightly grease the threaded rod during installation, the thread remains despite the corrosive environment moveable for many years.


Delivery time: 4 weeks


Price is per pair

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