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da shim

da shim

SKU: 87149990

Axle too long? The thru-axle in the single-sided swing arm (DF and later, Milan MK7, etc.) keeps spinning after tightening the screw? This could be because the axle is too long, the spacers are too short and/or the thin-walled spacer is buried in the carbon. For such cases there is now "da shim". 


Shim inner diameter 19 thickness 0.8mmstainlesssteel


Mounting options: 

  • left of the swingarm: cause of this the cassette and wheel are shifted to the left accordingly
  • to the right of the swingarm: Thus only the axis shifts to the right accordingly. Cassette and wheel remain where they were before.


Weight: 1.4g


Delivery from mid-December '22


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