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da bearingster

da bearingster

SKU: 82055980

Universal bearing press tool for the usual Sturmey Archer hubs for 12mm axles (bearing size 6001 12x28x8mm)

and 15mm axles (bearing size 61902 15x28x7mm)


For 12mm axles thick ends inwards.

Thin ends for 15mm axles inwards.

In this way, the tool, bearing and spacer are centered cleanly.


Completely without Woodoo. Just pee (haha Google tranlate). Gentle installation. No canting. No choking. Nothing can go wrong. Simply tighten until you feel resistance, until the bearings are in contact with the spacer sleeve. No warped bearings after installation because the outer and inner ring are guided in a co-planar manner. (Flat discs.) The wheel then runs easily and with little wear.


Weight 205g (more intended for the workshop)

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