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SKU: 87149990

Conversion kit for converting an SL to tank steering.


  • 1 pair of drilling / milling templates for precisely fitting the wheel arch cutouts with a Dremel or similar. (don't worry, it's relatively easy)
  • 1 pair of consoles made of black polyamide MJF printed (powder process), with "SL" lettering, with glued-in stainless steel plates as a stop for the adjusting screws. Black stainless steel fastening screws.
  • 2 splash protection sleeves to match the consoles
  • 1 pair of steering levers made of carbon tube with glued-in aluminum reinforcements. Holes and threads drilled to fit precisely, slide bearings pressed in
  • 1 pair of rotating axles made of hard anodized aluminum with locking screw made of black stainless steel
  • 1 pair of steering rods made of hard anodized aluminum, plastic ball heads with stainless steel ball, lock nuts made of red anodized aluminum
  • 2 washers with a matching radius to accommodate the joint head on the steering lever made of 3D printed aluminum
  • 2 washers with rounding to accommodate the ball heads on the McPherson struts without hindering the angle of rotation.
  • 4 titanium screws M6 reworked with a bevel under the head for an unhindered angle of rotation for fastening the ball heads to the McPherson struts and the steering levers.
  • 2 setscrews to limit the steering angle so that the tires do not rub in the wheel arch.
  • Illustrated instructions and "hotline"


Not included: brake and gear lever


Required tools:

  • Cordless drill / screwdriver
  • Drill diameter 4 and 5
  • Sinker
  • Tap M6
  • 3mm cutter for carbon with 3mm shaft
  • Ball bearing Ø3 x Ø10 for high RPM
  • Straight grinder Dremel or similar with 3mm chuck
  • Hacksaw
  • file
  • acetone
  • Sandpaper
  • Elastic construction adhesive black e.g. Sikaflex 552 AT
  • Piece of hose 6mm to pull off


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