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For velomobile fans who love the individual.

VeMoBag the small items bag for the velomobile e.g. Milan, DF, Quest, Strada, Leiba, Leitra, Alpha, etc.

VeMoBag the small items bag specially developed for velomobiles.

Small, lightweight mesh bag for safe and accessible storage of utensils in the velomobile.
Airy and transparent thanks to sturdy mesh, with three storage compartments:
a big one over the whole width and depth as well as 2 small ones in front.
Ideal for wallet, mobile phone, tools, keys, power bank, mask, glasses, handkerchiefs etc.

Position e.g. at the top side between the entrance and the wheel arch or also at the bottom on both sides next to the seat.

Fastened securely at the corners with FidLock fasteners, and Velcro tape at the top and bottom ensures a secure hold.
Elastic band on the large compartment, grosgrain ribbon on the small compartments.

Including FidLock fasteners with adhesive pads and self-adhesive Velcro tape.

Removable, washable.

The dimensions:
Large compartment: H 17 cm x W 24 cm
Small compartments each: 12 cm x 13 cm
Weight according to kitchen scales: approx. 58 g


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Shipping takes place directly from Germany ex works Fleur-de-Lys

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